Saturday, March 28, 2009

Transworld - Saturday

Well, since we opted to stay up much later than we should have, we ended up sleeping until 10. Then, after showers, Eric decided to crawl back into bed until we, the lovely ladies of Chitown, were ready.

Looks comfy, no? Sorta wishing I was taking a snooze right now.

Eventually, we got ourselves out of the room and down to breakfast. An all you can eat buffet. After that, I REALLY could have taken a snooze. But, I did not. Instead, we hooked up with Matt and Mark and headed over to the show. It was way crowded but I did get a couple pictures and videos. I plan on heading back later this afternoon in hopes that it won't be quite so crowded. In the meantime, here some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

This one is for Chris. In my humble opinion, your Zoltar was waaaay better.

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