Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Forgotten Horn Pictures

Some how, I forgot to post some of my horn pictures. WTH?!Stupid flu

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Zombie Dean Winchester - Drinking in Salem

This place has all kinds of fun beersI think this one is a pumpkin lagerI get drunk quicker this wayOk, something seems a little offThe room is spinning!! Kids, stay in school and don't do drugs
I just want my normal life back!!! Next up. . . People I met in Salem

Monday, November 9, 2009

Zombie Dean-Salem Day 2

Went here to hook-up with ChristopherThere he is!We did a little work on my Halloween costume. Hmmm. . . a ghost or Blanket Jackson?Or, maybe a frat zombie at a toga partyThat costume making is thirsty work.OMG! I have to pee like a racehorse.On to a little site seeing

Scary witch!
Some radom old timey house.Scarier witch!!!
Sweet gargoyle
My dogs are barking! Thank God for Debbie.

Next up. . . Salem at night with the Spirits (beer, whiskey, wine, etc)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Berwick Boys - Region 335

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The one, the only . .. JIM HOUSE!

Run Dave!

Zombie Dean Winchester's Salem Trip - Day 1

Brain - check
Torn clothing - check
Throw brother over my shoulder - check

Let's hit it!
I'm not scared of flying, I'm not scared of flying, I'm not (gulp) scared of flying . . .
Weird . . . I do not see brains on the menu.
Also not brains! What the . . . .?!
Hello ladies! Check me out in my swinging safari bedroom.
Ok, just tell me. Is there something behind me?

Zombie Dean Winchester

One of the perks of working in a media purchasing and planning company is the sweet gifts reps send us. Also, when you are known as the company Halloween freak, you get handed all the Halloween themed gifts.

This year, sent us some fun zombies. As any good haunter would do, I've used them to raise an army of the undead. So far, my army is 5 strong.

Now, this guy here was given to me by a co-worker who shares my love of Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Her one request was that I name him Zombie Dean Winchester.

As it turns out, Zombie Dean Winchester is a wonderful travel companion. I brought him with me to Salem and he had a good time. So good that he started his own Facebook page with tons of pictures from the trip. He continues to update the page with pictures almost daily of what he's up to. I'll be share a few of those here as well.