Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crying Baby Cemetary

We stopped by during the day and at night yesterday. My computer is having some issues getting the video to work. But don't dispair. We're going try it on Chris' iBook, named "Ghost" due to it's white color, tonight. We heard some odd noises at midnight, but, I'm not sure if it was crying babies. It's so overgrown that you can't see anything, and I was not willing to risk life and limb to go in there.

Stay tuned for video coverage later this evening.

It's a wicked pisah

I'm heading to Boston for the day. I hear their baked beans and cream pies are out of this world. (When did this trip become all about the food? Who am I kidding, it's always about the food.)

It's our friend Jim, pictured here with Chris from our trip to Disney, who has kindly offered to take me on a tour. I'm very excited because the closest I've come to Boston is their airport, and, even though that sounds like a hoot, it was not.

After Boston, it's on to Salem. We've decided to go a day early so that Chris be there early Friday morning to work on the Lizzie Borden Museum. That also makes me happy because I can do some touristy things on my own. It's been year's since I hit the witch museum, wax museum and witch trial re-enactment. There is a cheese factor to all of it that I find intoxicating.
We're also going to check out the Lyceum Bar and Grill tonight. Wish me ghosties!

Which way do I go?

Paradise sounds nice. But, is it a trick?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dining at Scales and Shells

Ok, I dont want to be over excited about the meal, so, I'll take a few calming breaths. . . calming air in. . . excitable air out. . . calming air in. . . excitable air out. . .


We had scallops and little necks and calimari and grilled asparagus and grilled eggplant. So good, I mean, c'mon look at it -

Well, shoot, that's just the empty, ravished pots and plates.

Ok, then instead check out this pink grapefruit sorbet. I dream about this stuff between visits-

That's Chris digging in with gusto. Honestly, this stuff rocks.

We also had some of this amazing creme brulee -

Well, dagnabbit, that seems to be all gone too.

Kate. . . this swirls for you

Side Note. . . .

Debbie's a real moron when it comes to video, so, when they finally do show up on the blog, don't be a harsh critic. Instead, just be happy you have something to mock.

Hello Rhode Island!!!

Well, I've made it in one piece. And let me tell you, my friends, 3:50 AM comes 'round entirely too soon. But, I made it to the airport in plenty of time and our plane was mostly empty, so I was able to spread out and nap.

The weather here is amazing! (especially when compared to the sauna I'm escaping this weekend in Chicago) I've already had my first bowl of chowder, AND, my first wine tasting. Mom would be so proud.

Chris and I are getting ready to do some fun crafting type stuff, then heading to the screaming baby cemetary for some daylight footage, then to Newport. After Newport, it will be back to SBC for midnight filming. OOooohhhhhh. . . scary.

Here's a picture of Chris to keep you going until the next entry-

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

August Haunt Trips

OK, I know I haven't been a good blogger of late, sorry (and quit yelling at me!). But, as luck would have it, I've been busy with non-hauntie things. I know, I didn't know there were unhauntie things either, but, turns out there are.

Anyway, August promises to offer up several haunt trips. First and foremost, it's off to the east coast!

My first stop there will be Portsmouth, RI to hang with Chris. There's a cemetary by him that is reported to be haunted by babies. BABIES!!!! I'll take tons of pictures and perhaps even a video to see if I can get anything, sound or movement, on tape.

Then, it's off to Salem, MA for the New England Haunter's Gathering on August 2nd. Check out the link to the right to find out more information on this event. Every year, it gets better and better, so, if you're anywhere near the area, come by and check it out.

While in Salem, I'll check Lyceum Bar and Grill which was featured on Ghost Hunters to see if there are any ghosts . . . and to have a drink.

I'm sure that trip will give me lots of stuff to report on the Blog.

Two weeks after Salem, I'm going to Omaha, NE to hang with guys from Mystery Manor, and a week and a half after that, I'm planning another trip to Vegas.

Hope to see you all at the Gathering!