Saturday, March 28, 2009

Transworld - First Night (into wee hours of the morning)

I made it! The Amtrak delivered on it's promise to get me here at 10:45. Then, after a quick taxi trip to the hotel, I was folded into the loving embrace of Patti, Eric, Matt and Mark. And, as if that wasn't heart warming enough, they had beer cold and waiting for me. That's love, kids.

Oh, and while I was in the lobby looking around like a little girl lost, Bloody Mary came walking by and we chatted a bit. Perfect beginning to what is sure to be the perfect weekend.

The gang got me caught up on all the goings on that happened prior to my arrival. Then, and this is the part that will surprise you, we grabbed the cooler of beer and headed down to the lobby. Shocking, right? And, what to our wondering eyes should appear? A swarm of haunters, that's what! As much as I love the show floor and looking at all the props, it's this informal gathering of haunters from all over that really floats my boat.

A group of about 20 of us broke off from the pack, rearranged the furniture into a nice circle, and just laughed and joked the night away. Seriously. We didn't head upstairs until aroiund 3. At which point, the Omahomies came back to the room and we watched the movies from our last two parties. We were laughing so hard that security was called on us. It gets better. About 10 minutes later there was another security knock on the door. Only, it wasn't security. It was two guys who came to the wrong room with a couple cases of beer. We tried to get them to stay, but they slunk away, all embarrased.

We finally went to sleep around 5. FIVE! What do I think I'm 35 again or something?

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