Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bobo Pole Dancing

Mystery Manor has something no other haunt has . . . Bobo the pole dancing clown!!

Mystery Manor Puts The Heart and Skull in Haunting

I had such a blast in Omaha! I got to work the gift shop the first two nights while rocking out to their kick-ass sound track. (I should have video soon) Beanie, the girl I was working with Saturday over heard this while she was running in for change:

"Look! It's one of the rocking chicks from the gift shop!"

Felt good to be famous, even if only to those in line.

On the third night, they had more than enough staff to go around so I got my run of the Manor. It was great. I hung out behind the scenes and went through the haunt. It was amazing! My favorite parts are the attic closet and the swamp.

They are open every night through Halloween. And then, in April, they will be having their spring break "Ghouls Gone Wild" show the first three weekends. I will be there doing my best to earn beads at least one of those weekends!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I'm spending My Halloween Vacation

I am off work (and a little "off" all the time) October 22 - November 1st! And, after a day in the editing bay tomorrow, I'm kicking it off with a trip to Mystery Manor. That's right, Omaha, hide your muggles cuz I'm a coming!

I can't wait to see the Manor during the season. I've been lucky enough to get behind the scenes tours a few times. And, last December, I got to see the Nightscare Before Christmas show. But, seeing it during the Halloween season is going to be a thing of beauty and I just can't wait.

Are you clawing at the keyboard hoping to find out more about it? We'll you are in luck because here is a handy-dandy little link . .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A fun way to pass the time

I was sent this a few year's ago and thought it was a lot of fun. So, enjoy!

Pumpkin Martini's

I happened across Pumpkin Spirits and alcohol infused whipped cream (pure genious) at my local liquor store, Binny's. Now, all I need are some good martini recipes. Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Haunter Dave Hits the Airwaves!

One of my favorite haunters, Dave from and Unpleasant Street, will be interviewed on the radio tonight! I'm so glad that radio stations now stream live since I live nowhere near Pembroke, MA and would have missed out.

Below is a link. Click "Listen Live" at 8:00 EST time tonight, October 18th, to hear all about his haunt.

And, here are links to his haunt and the forum:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Editing, Editing, Editing

Every year, we support a charity by raffling off a part (or 4) in the following year's Halloween movie. About a month ago, we filmed the bulk of the movie, with tiny tidbits filmed over the last few weeks. Now, I'm editing it, and, I must say, I think it could be our best one yet. Maybe even good enough to post here? Yes, maybe.

If you are wanting to win a part in next year's movie, drop me a comment and I'll tell you how to buy a raffle ticket.

Back to the bay. . . .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things to do in Chicago

I know I've been MIA this year. Hopefully, next year, things won't be as crazy in my life and I can get to what really matters, all things haunt related!!

In the meantime, here are some fun must see's in Chicago . . .

Scary Attractions
If haunted houses are your thing, there are some good ones located right in our own back yard. In Chicago, there are two within minutes of our offices:

The Fear at Navy Pier - Put on by Zombie Army, the geniuses behind Statesville Prison

Chronicles of the Cursed – located just west of the river on Grand

There are a two more that I’ve been to in the suburbs and highly recommend

Dream Reapers – Melrose Park

Statesville Prison – Joliet

Ghost Tours
Do you want to know who haunts Excalibur and Harpo Studios? Or find out who Resurrection Mary used to be? Maybe you want to hear about the ghosts that linger on the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. If so, I recommend one of these tours. I’ve done both the Chicago Hauntings and Richard Crowe tours. They are both full off spooky good Chicago info. However, if it’s more of a fun atmosphere you’re looking for, I’d go with Chicago Hauntings.

Chicago Hauntings

Richard Crowe Ghost Tours

I haven’t tried the Segway Tour, but, c’mon! Who doesn’t love a good Segway tour?

Segway Tour

Halloween Parade
Every year the Lakeview neighborhood throws a big costume parade. This year, Halloween is on Sunday so it will be on the actual day, October 31st!

It’ll take off at 6:00 PM on Halsted at Belmont and head north to Addison.

Pumpkin Carving
A lot of bars and pubs sponsor pumpkin carvings the week before Halloween. Then, they use them as decorations for the actual big event. Here are a few in the Lakeview area:

Wednesday, October 27th
McGee’s - 950 West Webster

Thursday, October 28th
Sheffield's - 3258 N. Sheffield Avenue
Vaughn’s - 2917 N. Sheffield

Fright Fest – Six Flags in Gurnee
This is a good time for the whole family. The actors stalk you in a creepy, starring way and the whole park is re-dressed for Halloween. Check out their website

If I can think of more, I'll post them. Or, if you have events that will interest this haunt thirsty crowd, let me know and I'll post it.

Now, get out there and scare some kids!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New England, Columbus Day Weekend.

I love Autumn on the East Coast and while I'm a New Yorker, I really love New England. This past Columbus Day weekend I made it to my friend's house in Portsmouth, RI who greeted me with some pumpkin soup. What's special about this soup, is that it is actually from a Japanese pumpkin.

Saturday we hit Black Spot Haunted House in Providence, RI. They can be found at Dave & Buster's in the Providence Place Mall. The crew actually had to build the haunt off site, dismantle it and then put it up again in their space. The detail of the sets are incredible and the actors are so enthusiastic.

Then we headed down to Highland Farms Trailsto Terror in Wakefield, RI. The trail was fun, but the best part was going through with other haunters. (We all met through the East Coast Haunt Club by the way.) I liked the maze house the best. It wasn't your typical maze, but had tight corners and sharp angles, low ceilings in some spots and oh yeah, it was pitch black. I was happy to have finally made it out! The night was perfect for the hayride. The sky was full of stars and the night was full of screams. My favorite part was the living statues scene.

The next evening we headed up to Litchfield, NH to visit Nightmare New England and Spookyworld. Wow is what I have to say to that Halloween theme park. There were 7 haunted houses. Some of our group loved the Catacombs the best, but I liked Torment, House of Eternal Darkness the most. The Dead and The Damned played and they were awesome. A total horror heavy metal experience. I kind of wanted to dance.

I couldn't get any pics at the RI haunts, but here are a few form NNE/S-World.