Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sadly, it is over. . .

We are all back at to our "other" life now and only have the fond memories of HauntCon to sustain us through to the next event. As far as the girls are all concerned, it looks like that next event just might be Fangoria.

I really and truly intend to get some more highlights from HauntCon posted and some fun pictures. For now, here are some of my favorite memories. . .
  1. I got an unsolicited hug from a celebrity, Patrika Darbo, who was very, very sweet
  2. I soldered for the first time and walked away with no burn marks
  3. A cute young guy totally avoided the half naked 20 something girls and made a bee line for Patti and I who were fully clothed and a couple years over 20
  4. Pam laughing so hard at Patti's antics in the bar that she was crying
  5. Cap'n Bennys! We went back for another meal on Sunday

Memories that weren't my favorites. . .

  1. The hotel. Let me say it again. . .THE HOTEL
  2. The delayed flight home. Man, Monday was rough
  3. Funeral Car Rally. Really? Three cars make a rally?
  4. The restaurants closing down at 9 and 10 at night
  5. Saying bye-bye too all my halloween buddies, that's my least favorite memory of all

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chris on the IM!!!

How fun is this new fangled technology! Chris is Japan and we are here and able to hear and see him!

Saturday has been fun!

I was a wussy girl last night and decided to not party like a teenager who's parents are out of town. Instead, I stayed in and vegged which was like a little slice of heaven.

They rest of the crew all went out and had an excellent time. Patti and Eric hung with the Eerie Industry folks and drank a bit. Pam made the rounds and learned how to play Texas hold 'em (is that what the Texas kids are calling it these days?).

During the night we had major storms. I didn't hear any of it until the rain started hitting the windows, which I confused with a rodent of some sort rummaging through our room. Yes, the hotel is THAT bad. I was happy to find out it was rain.

This morning, I slept in and took my sweet hiney time getting ready. After which, I had a nice liesurely breakfast. Then, I decided, since I'm here, maybe I'll take in a workshop or two.

I kicked off with the Flickering Lantern Make and Take. After having to shoo off some freeloaders, Brian from Hallow Effects got down to business. He made it very easy for everyone with a smidge of ability. I am not one of those people. In fact, I was used as the example of what not to do. After making several mistakes, everyone referred to their errors as "a Debbie". I went out on a high note when I plugged in my masterpiece and blew the circuit (that's what SHE said). Brian can't wait to see me in tomorrow's make and take for LED eyes.

After that, I hung with Pam while she ate a little lunch and then it was off to Effective Scares: Increasing the Scare Factor in Your Haunt with Robert J. Lupo. It was entertaining but, for Patti and me, no very helpful. Most of that information doesn't translate into our rinky-dink home haunt. But, we did take away a few ideas.

Next on the agenda was Creative Theatrical Lighting for Your Haunted Attraction with Jeremy Unruh. This guy, while not overly entertaining, really knew his stuff. And, as folks asked questions after his presentation he became very animated. The question/answer time turned out to be very enlightening and will help make our home haunt more eerily lit. Yippie!!

There's a boot shop across the highway, so that was our next stop. Found a most excellent pair of skull cowboy boots for the low, low price of $210. We decided to pass on them.

Next stop liquor store. Our first attempt was frightening. The whole place was enclosed in bullet proof glass and you put your money into a big drawer and they shoved out the booze. We opted out. Down the road we found Fiesta Liquors. A much better, well lit place with happy employees. And, I'm enjoying my hard lemonade whilst typing this.

We were a bit hungry and found the, and I don't want to oversell this, MOST AWESOMEST INEXPENSE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT ANYWHERE!!. We ate like royalty with piles of fried oysters, cat fish, scallops, shrimp, stuffed crab and broiled crawfish tails accompanied by fries, hushpuppies, dirty shrimp rice and garlic bread. How much was this feast, you ask? Only $48 for all of us!!! We're thinking we'll go back tomorrow.

Tonight's the big costume ball. Only Pam from our group is going. The rest of us plan on watching the horror flicks with our coolers of beer. Should be fabu!!! I'll be back, and possibly a little buttered, later to fill you in on all the gossip. Once these haunters get drinking, you never know what they'll let slip.

Here's a few pictures to get you through the next couple hours. . .

Look how great Pam and Jen look!

Debbie made several attempts to get out of bed before she actually did. Hey, what happened to her ankle?

Friday, April 25, 2008

And now a word about our hotel. . .


See, I had to make up a new word to truly do the experience justice. We've had rudeness, broken locks, rudeness, excessivly poor internet connections, rudeness, no pillow cases after the cleaning, rudeness, no trash emptying, rudeness, broken phone and, big time rudeness.

I know, I know. . .

I made that stupid promise about updating the blog every couple of hours and haven't. Did you know that the Galleria mall is minutes away? No? Well it is and that's where we spent our morning. And, managed to not lose my shirt at the sorbet table. The lemon sorbet at Cold Stone Creamery was an extremely reasonable $3. Maybe those nightmares of the $18 gelato in Vegas will finally begin to fade.

After finishing shopping (two skull shirts and a pair of skull sandals) it was on to the workshops. You know, the reason where here and all.

The others will be filling me, and then you, in on how their workshops were a bit later. But, here's the lowdown on the ones I went to. One last thing before I start, all the presenters today were really good. No droning on and on. They were all funny and knowedgeable. And, all of them had no problem with questions interrupting their talks. Well done!
Foam Prosthetic Application & Silicone

I've been to several of these, mostly because I'm thick and don't understand things. I must say, I think I finally get it and could do it. In fact, I could more than likely answer all of your ridiculously easy foam appliance and painting questions. Of course, as I am lame, I will be most likely using a silicone mask. The difference? Not as much movement in a mask. But, a lot less work.

Demo Mold Making and Casting Materials

Jason Reese of Smooth-On, Inc. really, REALLY knew his stuff. Plus, he was very funny, in that dry sense of humor type of way that I adore. He broke it down with the do's and don'ts and explained it in a way that even a crafts challenged person like me can understand. Plus, they are putting together website with all kinds of info and tips on making molds and casting. If you want more information on them, here's a link. . .

A bit later, I'll have the info on the other workshops. Stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this picture . . .

We're here! We're here! Oh, we're here!

After a spactacularly bumpy take off from Midway last night, our flight finally smoothed out and we cruised on into Houston. As you can see from the picture, turbulence does not bother Eric.

We hooked up with Pam, commenced with tons of hugging, and then went off in search of a place to eat. Turns out, everything around here except, Bennigan's, closes it's doors at 10. Yep, you heard me right, 10. The Chicagoans and New Yorker were flabbergasted to say the least. So, Bennigan's it was.

Once back at the hotel, Pam hung with some Haunties from the Bad Boys of Scenic Designs and Eric and Patti went off in search of Eric's BFFL, Dean of Eerie Industries. It wasn't long until we were all back in the hotel room ready for sleep so that we could get started nice and early this morning.

Now, as Patti and I head off to register and pick up all our goodies, Eric is getting ready and Pam sleeps on. . . .

She went to the pre-tour and is exhausted. But, she has plenty of pictures and fun things to tell us and post when she wakes up. So, stay tuned!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today we ride. . .

Patti, Eric and I are leaving for HauntCon this evening. We can't wait to hook up with Pam, Dean and everyone else.

So, if you're there, look for us. And, if not, stay tuned for all sorts of pictures and reports on our shenanigans.

Friday, April 18, 2008

HauntCon here we come!!

Hidey ho, there, ghosts and gh0uls! HauntCon is only a week away and we are all getting a little psyched about being together (though not about packing).

Pam will be going in early for the pre-tour and will be brimming with info for all y'all. And, since she's quick with the camera, I'm sure she'll have pictures too.

Patti, Eric and I will be arriving later Thursday night. We've reserved a car, and mapped out all the necessary destinations (Super Target, liquor store, Galleria Mall, liquor store #2, airport, liquor store #3, etc).

We will have updates on everything we're doing including haunt visits, workshops, costume party, and our trade show floor purchases.

If you're interested in more info, here's the link. . .


Scream a little scream for me!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Omaha Invasion

Oh, the fun we had this weekend!! There are still plenty of pictures to post of us with the boys from Mystery Manor, but here's a little taster.

They've Arrived!!!
And there was much singing and rejoicing. . .

Then we drank a little, went to sleep, and started Saturday fresh as a daisy (at around 4pm)
We really felt we needed to get back to the drinking as soon as possible, so after a quick dinner of yummy Mexican food, it was off to the Huettenbar in Lincoln Square. (which seemed really loud, either that or I'm getting really old)

The next day we got up earlier and out by 1pm. And then it was off to Navy Pier for lunch and frolic. . .

Stay tuned for more!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fright Kingdom, NH

Today, Glen and I visited Tim Dunn at his haunt Fright Kingdom in NH. This multi event attraction had one haunt completed and construction on the second has begun. The queue line intertwines through a graveyard in the front of the haunt, setting the mood for the main attractions, which include Tim’s homage to Disney’s Haunted Mansion (he’s a Haunted Mansion/Disney fanatic!), and the soon to be clown house. We want to thank Tim & Angela for a great day!

Lotsa a Halloween stuff this weekend. . .

Pam, Glen and Jim will be attending a haunters get together in New Hampshire and Massachusettes this weekend.

Patti and Debbie will be hosting their Omahomies, Matt and Mark, in Chicago.

Stay tuned for pictures and updates about everything that's going on!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jeckyll & Hyde Club

Pam and Jim met with Jenn & Russell (friends from HauntCon) on Sunday to have lunch at the Jekyll & Hyde club. It was a lively time and the place teamed with more actors than usual ready to perform and show people a good time. Then Russell suggested they see the ruins in Times Square...after some questions of "What ruins?...what are you talking about? Do you mean Ground Zero?" Russell clarified that he meant the MOVIE, "The Ruins" which was playing in Times Square. Awesome Theatre...so/so movie in their opinion.

Galena Nighttime Pictures


For any of you that make to the Illinois/Iowa, border, Galena is an amazing old historic town. The buildings, which include Ulysses Grant's home, date back to the early 1800's. And, where you have old, historic buildings, you have ghosts.

For the low, low price of $9 each, my family and I got to take a history/mystery tour of Galena that began at the DeSoto Hotel on Main Street. We heard some wonderful stories about the history of the town, including that parts of it were used for the filming of Field of Dreams.

We also got to her some great ghost stories. Including the couple who saw the face of a recently deceased friend in their window pain, and the folks who had experiences with a ghost in Turner Hall. One, a costume designer, working at night by herself felt she was being watched. After looking around several times, she finally looked up at the balcony and saw a man with piercing eyes staring down at her. Seconds later, he was gone. On another occasion, a minister heard grunting and moaning from the balcony. Up he went to help out whoever was in pain, only to discover no one was there. Eventually, the noises stopped.

I really enjoyed this tour. I know that, closer to Halloween, there are many more ghost tours in Galena, some of which take place in cemeteries. I fully intend to return in the fall to check them out.

If you know of any good ghost tours anywhere in the US, please let me know and I'll post them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Haunted Galena Tour

This weekend I'm going to experience all the haunted stories Galena, Il has to offer. And, to make things even scarier, I'm going with my sisters and mom! And, by scary, I mean for everyone else who happens to be in Galena at the same time as we are.