Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evening Approaches. . .

The show is closed for the day and everyone is getting ready for their evening plans. For the folks I'm here with that means a tour of The Darkness. I shan't be going. Why, you ask. Well, I don't want to sound cheap, but I just have other ways I'd rather spend the $75 ticket price. A few new items of skull clothing pops to mind.

I have chosen, instead, to have a nice quiet dinner, using my 10% Transworld discount, at the hotel restaurant while updating the blog. Then maybe a quick nap so that I can, again, party like a highschooler tonight.

Before I hit that bed for a little nappy-nap, though, I thought I'd share my favorite things, so far, in the show. . . .

As usual, the Dark Zone rocked. This year there are some really cool flying, winged demons that I'm going to try and video tomorrow. Too many people there today. But these things, by Scare Factory, are amazing. Also the skeletons holding the swaying candelabras are really cool. I'm just a lowly home haunter, but I'm thinking of spending the money to get one of those.

The Octopus. While I have no need for any sea creaturs, I'm seriously considering getting one. If not for me, then for Kate who thinks they are the cutest things ever. Maybe she'll call it Inky. Also the zombie snail was nothing I need, but something I desperately want.

Castle facade. I will try to get pictures of this tomorrow too. It really is very cool and very reasonably priced.

And, of course, Bloody Mary Cosmetics. I always have to buy something at her booth every year. They were already out of a bunch of the stuff I wanted so I'm going to order some things off the site tonight.

As to what I didn't like, this whole obsession with the bathroom scenes, especially someone sitting on the toilet, does not seem Halloweeny to me. It just seems juvenile. And, it's everywhere! Much like that guy puking toxic waste has been in previous years. Honestly, these things are gross, and not in a good scary way.

Alright, my food's coming, chicken with pasta, YUM!, so I'll wrap it up for now.

Wait! Before I go, one more thing. I'm going to try and procure some pictures of The Darkness from Matt, Mark, Patti and Eric. And, I'll try to get them to give me a brief review of it too. So check back soon!

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