Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You East Coast

As our trip winds down, I wanted to thank eveyrone that helped make our weekend so wonderful . . .

Pam (thanks for driving all the way here from NY)
Chris (thanks for driving from RI)
Jim (thanks for the wonderful gift bags)
Laura (thanks for teaching me the proper way to "creep")
Rachelle (we'll pony prance better next time)

Most especially, I want to thank Mark. Not only did he pick us up in Manchester, he also showed us around Boston during the snow storm, dropped us at the mall and surprised us by taking Tuesday afternoon off to take us to the Providence airport (via T.A.P.S. for a photo opporutnity). Mark, I think it's official, you are the nicest guy who's ever inhabitated planet earth. There's definately going to be a little something extra in your trick or treat bag this year.

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