Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day two in Boston winds down

It's been a great day. We slept in, saw some sites, did some shopping and ate an amazing dinner. Like to hear it. . . here it go. . .

After sleeping in, we noticed a couple bugs in the room (eeewwww). So, we got ready pretty dang quick and left so they could come in and spray.

We met the others down in the lobby to do our hugging goodbyes and make plans to get together soon (think, HauntCon in Milwaukee, 4/30-5/3).

After our good-byes, Mark gave us a tour of the snow covered brownstones on Commonwealth Avenue and Marlborough Street. They were wicked awesome. So pretty, especially when viewed through the falling snow. He also took us down Newbury to look at the boutiques and past Berkley. Then he drove us to The Shops at Prudential where we all hugged him goodbye. (So sad Mark is gone.)

Then, it was time to shop! Pam was a trouper and stuck with Kate and I for shop after shop after shop. So, did you guys know the The Shops at Prudential have a covered walkway to the Copley Shopping Mall? No? We didn't either, but IT DOES!!! So, even more shopping (poor Pam).

Towards the end of the our spree, Pam decided she was going to try and beat the next round of snow back to NY. Therefore, we solemnly made our way back to the hotel to pack her up. But, when we got here, the sprayed room reeked to high heaven. So, before we could pack her up, we had to pack ourselves for the big move to the new room. This room was even nicer. We ooohed and aahed over it for a while and then got Pam together on the road. Kate and I were very sad to see her go.

Kate and I decided to ease the pain with more shopping. Did you know there's a Macy's steps from the hotel? No? We didn't either, but THERE IS!!! We didn't actually buy anything, but looking is always fun.

We decided it was time to eat and called the Concierge to find a good restaurant near Macy's. It is no exaggeration to tell you that Ivy, a little Italian bistro/pub, had some of the best food I've had in a long, long time. Scallops, fondue, carbornara fettucini, gelato, wine. It was so good we were to go going back on Monday but they are closed for a private event. But, who knows, maybe Tuesday for lunch.

Now, we are nestled snug in our beds and watching whatever we surf to on the tv.

Tomorrow, it's the all day trolley. You buy a ticket and can jump on and off whenever you want and get back on. This is how we'll see the city. I'll fill everyone in tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

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