Monday, January 19, 2009

Day three in Boston has been fun and tiring

Kate and I had fun site seeing and eating seafood and enjoying the whole Boston experience today. But, that's not what you want to hear, right? You want to hear about how we snuck up to the 15th floor to take tons of pictures in the locked ballroom (you mischevious little monkeys).
Well, it's true. We decided to take our own self-guided tour to the haunted spots of the Omni Parker house.
We checked out the area around the haunted room on our floor, 303. Rumor has it you can smell cigar smoke and whiskey. We smelled smoke, but, can't be sure if it wasn't from someone sneaking a smoke in a nearby room.

It was then that Kate discovered room 366. She thought, if there's a room 366, there MUST be a 666. Well, there is and here's proof . . .

After that, we ran around the 10th floor for a while and took tons of pictures, but, no proof of hauntings. We were morose.

We figured we'd head up to 14 next where an apparition of a little girl has been seen. Here's where things get freaky. We were in the second to last elevator, elevator 3, when the doors open, I moved out of the way because there was someone to the left of the elevator and I didn't want to run into them. But guess what? There was no one there! I saw their shadow on the floor and it was moving towards the elevator. Kate was looking at her camera and missed it. But, don't worry, she experienced the next thing.

So, I'm a little freaked but that just makes the ghost hunting more fun. We take the stairs up to the 15th floor where the ballrooms are. One was open and we went in and took pictures. The other was locked and, for a nano second, we thought about climbing through the coat check window to gain access. But, we decided that was a little too much work so we went back down stairs to the 14th floor.

When we got there, Kate saw a sign that said "Elevator to Ballrooms". We found it, and we went for it (after much coaxing from Kate, I'm forever worried I'll get caught and hauled away by the po-po). We go upstairs and it's all dark in the big ballroom, the elevator mechanisms are up there so the sound is frightening and we're all alone. But, after much time and many pictures, nothing happens, so we head back to the elevator and back down to 14. (Funny side note about what a mook I am. Mark calls as we're creeping towards the ballroom elevators and I near about jumped out of my skin from the ring/vibrate.)

We get to 14 and walk around to the main elevators. Just as we round the corner, elevator 4 opens up before we can hit the call buttons. No one is in it. No one is out on the floor but us. It was the elevator the shadow had been in front of on our way up. And, it was enough to make us think maybe there is some truth to this haunted 14th floor rumor.

After that, it was to the Last Hurrah for a nightcap. Tony, our server who had waited on the whole crew Saturday night, was there and offered to take us on a personal tour of a few of the locked public rooms. We didn't have any ghostly experiences, but I wanted to mention it because it was such a kind thing for him to do for us.

Ok, that's it. I'll talk more tomorrow but am tired and fear that I may nod off any secon . . . .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

Was Stairway to Heaven playing in the background?

Skulls said...

Holy Schiekes, I think it was!