Monday, January 5, 2009

Hope everyone had a great New Year's!

And now it's time to look forward to all the fun Halloween-centric things going on in the coming year. For me, that starts with a trip to Boston in two weeks to hang with all the East Coast Haunt Club folks. It cannot come soon enough!

After that, there wil be the Transworld on March 27th-29th in St. Louis and HauntCon on April 30th - May 3rd in Milwaukee.

This year, I'm thinking of maybe doing Midwest Haunters in June.

And, of course, I there will also be the New England Haunter's Gathering sometime in late July or August.

In addition to all those things, I'm going to try and squeeze in a trip to the Stanley in Estes Park and a trip or two to Omaha and NY to see some of my favorite haunties.

Everyone have a wonderful 2009.

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