Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boston - 1st night

We made it to Boston and checked into the hotel. If I had to describe our room in one word, that word would be mammoth. They upgraded us to a junior suite and it is has a huge ass dressing room. It is flipping awesome.

We got settled in, made a quick trip to CVS, then headed down to the first bar, The Parker. There we hooked up with Chris, Jim, Erin, Dave, April and Christine. We ate a little food, which rocked, had a little dessert, which sucked and then moved the party of to the Last Hurrah where Rachelle, Eric and Laura joined us. Now, it was a party and a bit of a free for all. You know what it's like when you get haunters together.

Half way through the festivities, Kate's luggage FINALLY arrived. That took a load off. (Did I mention Southwest shall hear from us? Oh, yes, they shall!)

While we didn't close down the place (don't look at us like that), we didn't end the night there either. Some folks had to peel off and head home, with the promise that if they can come back in the next two days they will. Some of us went on a ghost hunt.

The 10th floor of the Parker House is supposed to be hella haunted. Laura, Mark, Chris, Pam and I decided to go check it out. Laura brought a bunch of ghost detection equipment and Mark had one of those thingymajings that registers temps by point and clicking.

While we didn't find any ghosts, we did find we are nothing if not goofy. Luckily, we had Laura with us who knew that in order to find ghosts you have to do the "creep" walk. We traversed the hallways in our best scooby gang creep. We lost Chris at one point and found him backed in an alcove, hands over face, with terror in his eyes. He's a fabulous actor! Mark found a cold spot, which turned out to be an ice machine. The only thing we did find was a really cool, creepy set of stairs hidden away that seemed to lead to nowhere.

We heard there were sightings and whatnot on the Mezzanine as well, so we headed there. When we got off the elevators, there was a lone flight attendant sitting there trying to access the internet via her blackberry. We told her what we were doing there and she said she had heard some stories. That's all we needed. We dropped to the floor in front of her like children, legs crossed, chins resting on hands, and listened.

She told us that she and other attendants stay there all the time and that they've seen/heard some things. Specifically, they've seen the apparition of a little girl on the 14th floor wandering up the stairs dressed in period clothing. They also say they've heard people partying in the halls in the middle of the night. When they open the door to confront them, there's no one there and the noise stops It was pretty cool. We decided to thank her by leaving her alone.

That was pretty much it for the night. We did a bit more hanging out and then it was beddie bye time.

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