Friday, May 1, 2009

Morning Breaks on Day 1 at HauntCon

First things first. Did anyone out there know that Milwaukee does not sell packaged alcohol after 9pm? Cuz, if so, and you didn't tell us. . . . .

Luckily, we were in the store at 8:59 trying to figure out why the guy at the register was telling us to hurry, buying beer. It wasn't until we went to another liquor (lick her? you brought her, you lick her!) store looking for vodka that we found out this little gem. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! What's it's forced me to do is check out the liquor (lick her? I don't even know her!) laws in all the states/counties/towns where I will be traveling this year.

But, really, Milwaukee? Don't they know their baseball team is called the Brewers? Shouldn't that pretty much guarantee booze (didn't have anymore "lick her" jokes) sales into the wee hours? Oh well, back to Hauntcon-rific stuff.

After we got back from hour booze hunt, we settled into the room for the night and had the Omahomies come over. They had a paranormal investigation at Mystery Manor a few weeks back and shared pictures with us. They were pretty freaking awesome. I'll see about borrowing a few to post here.

The haunt tour folks rolled into the hotel between 11-12, which brought a tired Pam back to the room around 12:30. She'd been up since 3 AM our time and looked like she was about to fall over. We moved it into the next room (did I metion we have adjoining rooms?) and hung there for another couple hours. Then, it was off to bed.

Woke up remarkably early at 8:30 or so, feeling really refreshed. Went down with Patti and Eric to pick up their registration stuff and my badge and am now waiting for Pam to get back to go check out the trade show floor. I probably won't hit a seminar until either this afternoon or tomorrow. The ones I'm most interested in are all tomorrow. But, I will have info on all the vendors a little later on. And, I'll grill Pam for info on last night's tour during lunch.

A quick word about the hotel. If you read last year's HauntCon updates, you know that the hotel in Houston was frighteningly dirty, poorly managed and all the employees were angry. This year the hotel is not what one would call top notch, but, the staff are warm and friendly, the food is very good and well priced and the room is clean. The A/C, however, seemed to shut itself off in both our rooms for a few hours last night, and it appears there was a flood at some point because our bathroom has that musty basement odor. But, still, much, much better than last year. And, there's every fast food type restaurant in walking distance AND a bowling alley attached to the hotel. So, there you have it!

I'll be back later, hopefully with pictures and video from the show floor.

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