Friday, May 1, 2009

The making of bloody eyeballs

As we were checking out the sign up sheets for all the make and takes, a nice gentleman by the name of Scott Morrow swung by and said we should really sign up for the "Make Your Own Eyeballs" session that starts in 20 minutes. Well, wouldn't you know it? This is the same guy RUNNING the make and take. What are the odds? Turns out, in addition to being an instructor, he's one heck of a sales man and he talks us into it.

It ended up being so much fun. It was a great group of people in there. I guess they were expecting 10 but got over 20. There was liberal use of spray paint, so we all got a little extra bang for our buck, what with the fume inspired giddiness.

They turned out pretty dang good. Though, as with last year's LED eyes and flickering lantern make and take, the instructor ended up doing a large portion of mine. How do I manage to give off such a helpless vibe?

This first picture is of Scott.

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