Friday, May 1, 2009

Amateur Movie Night

After resting up in the room for a bit, we all met downstairs for dinner. There was still a little time to spare before everyone headed off to the Saturday night haunt tour, so we decided to visit the Amateur Movie Night going on in the movie room.

As Patti and I walked in we were joking that we should bring in one of our movies. See, the joke is we feel our's are soooooo far from even a good amateur movie that folks would pretty much just sit around laughing at us a calling us names if we ever showed it here. Well, after sitting through a few, we had a whole new respect for us, our movies, our actors and our story lines.

Sure, some were pretty good, especially the music videos. But some were just so bloody awful. But, we do appreciate all the work that had to go into them. We know how hard it is.

So, next year? Should we bring one of ours? Like, maybe that classic "Clowning Around"? We're seriously considering it.

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