Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Haunted Activity in My Groovy Pad

Over the 10 years I've been living in my current place, I've had some odd things happen. For instance, my hair being brushed off my face in the night. Or, my blankets being pulled up under my chin. There's the time that for a solid week, every time my radio alarm went off, it ran up and down the dial. And, who can forget that time during a summer heat wave when my a/c shut off and my heat cranked up to 96?

I can go on and on, and maybe will on a later post. But, this is about the most current wacky occurence.

I have this iHome alarm clock on the counter between my kitchen and living room. I don't use it for anything except plugging in my iPod and jamming to my badass tunes (Shut-up! classic rock IS bad ass!) while cleaning. There are four light settings, but, I always just have it off because it's distracting. Sooooo. . . . Monday night, I'm watching the tube, as I'm prone to do, and around 11 pm or so, turn it off. About 30 seconds after I turn off the tv, the light on the alarm clock turns on on it's brightest setting. It's been so long since I used it that it was still set an hour earlier because I'd never "sprung it forward". I walked over to turn it off and to see what could have caused it to turn on in the first place. Nothing. Nothing near it. Nothing fell on it. I tried wriggling it, sliding it across the counter, and things like that looking for a loose connection. Nothing.

So, I've chalked this up to another of the strange happenings at my place.

FYI-This strangeness started right after I moved in. I did a little research on the area and discovered that my building is on the site of what used to be a Hopewell Mound. If you wanna know what that is, here's a link to some info:

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