Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a wicked pisah

I'm heading to Boston for the day. I hear their baked beans and cream pies are out of this world. (When did this trip become all about the food? Who am I kidding, it's always about the food.)

It's our friend Jim, pictured here with Chris from our trip to Disney, who has kindly offered to take me on a tour. I'm very excited because the closest I've come to Boston is their airport, and, even though that sounds like a hoot, it was not.

After Boston, it's on to Salem. We've decided to go a day early so that Chris be there early Friday morning to work on the Lizzie Borden Museum. That also makes me happy because I can do some touristy things on my own. It's been year's since I hit the witch museum, wax museum and witch trial re-enactment. There is a cheese factor to all of it that I find intoxicating.
We're also going to check out the Lyceum Bar and Grill tonight. Wish me ghosties!

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