Tuesday, July 22, 2008

August Haunt Trips

OK, I know I haven't been a good blogger of late, sorry (and quit yelling at me!). But, as luck would have it, I've been busy with non-hauntie things. I know, I didn't know there were unhauntie things either, but, turns out there are.

Anyway, August promises to offer up several haunt trips. First and foremost, it's off to the east coast!

My first stop there will be Portsmouth, RI to hang with Chris. There's a cemetary by him that is reported to be haunted by babies. BABIES!!!! I'll take tons of pictures and perhaps even a video to see if I can get anything, sound or movement, on tape.

Then, it's off to Salem, MA for the New England Haunter's Gathering on August 2nd. Check out the link to the right to find out more information on this event. Every year, it gets better and better, so, if you're anywhere near the area, come by and check it out.

While in Salem, I'll check Lyceum Bar and Grill which was featured on Ghost Hunters to see if there are any ghosts . . . and to have a drink.

I'm sure that trip will give me lots of stuff to report on the Blog.

Two weeks after Salem, I'm going to Omaha, NE to hang with guys from Mystery Manor, and a week and a half after that, I'm planning another trip to Vegas.

Hope to see you all at the Gathering!

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