Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dining at Scales and Shells

Ok, I dont want to be over excited about the meal, so, I'll take a few calming breaths. . . calming air in. . . excitable air out. . . calming air in. . . excitable air out. . .


We had scallops and little necks and calimari and grilled asparagus and grilled eggplant. So good, I mean, c'mon look at it -

Well, shoot, that's just the empty, ravished pots and plates.

Ok, then instead check out this pink grapefruit sorbet. I dream about this stuff between visits-

That's Chris digging in with gusto. Honestly, this stuff rocks.

We also had some of this amazing creme brulee -

Well, dagnabbit, that seems to be all gone too.

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