Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let the Blogging Begin. . .

Debbie, Patti and Pam have made it here to Vegas all in one piece. Now I guess we need to figure out how to break us apart.

Pam got here yesterday, but totally forgot that the show started today. So, we really have no news to report on the show.

However, she did see Penn and Teller and we will post pictures tomorrow (after we buy a cable because over cold medicated Debbie left it at home). That Penn is about 8 feet tall.

Debbie and Patti were delayed (boo-hoo) because of a dust storm. Don't worry about them though, the flight attendant gave them a case of pretzels and many, many snack packs.

It's now almost 7pm and we're about to get our drink on with our fellow haunties from Omaha. We'll have much more news tomorrow, and pictures (God willing) so please check back.

PS. Pam learned how to play craps today and won a whopping $4. She's not retiring yet.

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