Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun Freebies

Today we saw an inside rainstorm and Neptunes brats batteling it out for ruler for the world.

The rainstorm was amazing. The ceiling of the Miracle Mile Shopping mall is painted like a sky and every once in a while the lights dim and there's lightening and thunder. Then, in the middle of the mall, there's a huge downpour.

The talking statues, on the other hand, were what we in the biz call lame. Really bad animatronics. Fire pretty. Dragon cool. Words warbled.

Last night, Patti, Pam and Mike met up at Quarks with some other haunters and many, many Star Trek geeks. Lotsa a good people watching.

Patti and Mike went to the infamous Fremont Street to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Many people in all shades of green. Really cool high in the sky screen show. Patti can't get "Hush" out of her mind today though.

Pam's adventure took her to the Venetian. . . evenutally. First, though, she had to coral a bunch of drunken haunters onto the monorail. It's like the first time they'd ever traveled on public transportation. By the time they got there, they'd forgotten the purpose of their destination, the gondola ride. So, they just sat and drank.

Debbie's free fun last night was tv. She got hella sick the day before the trip and has been laying low. She did prove her geekdom by texting really obscure Star Trek refences to the gang while they were at Quarks.

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