Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Information on Cody's Memorial Service - 3/18

To All Haunters

You are invited to join us for a gathering of Cody's friends and family to remember his life. In his short life time he touched a lot of people with his quiet smile and giving nature. To support Tim, Tina, and JW during this very rough time in their lives please come and bring your thoughts and memories to share.

We will have a short ceremony and anyone that would like to say something please feel free to do so. After that pictures, stories, etc. will be there to share!

When - Tuesday evening March 18th
Time - 7pm to whenever
Location - Green Valley Park, 370 N Pecos Rd

I was given the idea of this park by a charming young lady that works at Haunted Enterprises in Vegas. This is a fairly new park and is used for this type of event often. Tina felt that Cody would get a kick out of the fact that this park is considered haunted! The spirits are of two young children who a long time ago were playing on the train tracks and were hit. The park is built over the tracks and they say the kids come to play in the park. It is on the Las Vegas Haunted Tour, and also talked about a lot on their TV news due to sightings. So we think there is no better place to remember our haunting friend then a haunted park.

The start of the Memorial will be there and if it is to cold or raining we will decide where to go from there. Please bring candles! Make sure they are such that you don't get burnt with the melting wax.

Thank You
Mike and Kathy Marcrum

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