Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New England, Columbus Day Weekend.

I love Autumn on the East Coast and while I'm a New Yorker, I really love New England. This past Columbus Day weekend I made it to my friend's house in Portsmouth, RI who greeted me with some pumpkin soup. What's special about this soup, is that it is actually from a Japanese pumpkin.

Saturday we hit Black Spot Haunted House in Providence, RI. They can be found at Dave & Buster's in the Providence Place Mall. The crew actually had to build the haunt off site, dismantle it and then put it up again in their space. The detail of the sets are incredible and the actors are so enthusiastic.

Then we headed down to Highland Farms Trailsto Terror in Wakefield, RI. The trail was fun, but the best part was going through with other haunters. (We all met through the East Coast Haunt Club by the way.) I liked the maze house the best. It wasn't your typical maze, but had tight corners and sharp angles, low ceilings in some spots and oh yeah, it was pitch black. I was happy to have finally made it out! The night was perfect for the hayride. The sky was full of stars and the night was full of screams. My favorite part was the living statues scene.

The next evening we headed up to Litchfield, NH to visit Nightmare New England and Spookyworld. Wow is what I have to say to that Halloween theme park. There were 7 haunted houses. Some of our group loved the Catacombs the best, but I liked Torment, House of Eternal Darkness the most. The Dead and The Damned played and they were awesome. A total horror heavy metal experience. I kind of wanted to dance.

I couldn't get any pics at the RI haunts, but here are a few form NNE/S-World.