Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mystery Manor Puts The Heart and Skull in Haunting

I had such a blast in Omaha! I got to work the gift shop the first two nights while rocking out to their kick-ass sound track. (I should have video soon) Beanie, the girl I was working with Saturday over heard this while she was running in for change:

"Look! It's one of the rocking chicks from the gift shop!"

Felt good to be famous, even if only to those in line.

On the third night, they had more than enough staff to go around so I got my run of the Manor. It was great. I hung out behind the scenes and went through the haunt. It was amazing! My favorite parts are the attic closet and the swamp.

They are open every night through Halloween. And then, in April, they will be having their spring break "Ghouls Gone Wild" show the first three weekends. I will be there doing my best to earn beads at least one of those weekends!

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