Friday, June 5, 2009

We're Number 3! We're Number 3!

The chant for our bus could be heard at every haunt we stopped at. And, we stopped at many!

Unfortunately, at our very first stop, many folks walked away injured. The actors were just a little to energetic with the touchy and the feely. My Halloween partner in crime, Patti, ended up at a medical care facility for a boo-boo leg that, fortunately, turned out to be a deep muscle bruise. But, she did get sidelined for the rest of the night.

Injuries aside, the haunt, Wells Township Haunted House, had some really cool rooms in it. My personal favorite part was when they asked me to comfort a girl in front of a closet wall. (Thus begun the infamous "woo-woo, woo-woo-woo") You totally expect the closet door to open and some one to startle you. That happened with a bit of a twist. They grab the girl, who grabbed the door frame and my leg (I guess to keep me in place) and then the wall completely falls down towards you. It was amazing, unexpected and completely original.

Another room that was unlike other things I've seen before, had a girl quietly reading on a log. She sees us and tells us a story about her perfect sister and how she'd finally had enough and pushed her down the well in the corner. On cue, the strobe starts up, she starts freaking out and a soaking wet girl zombie comes crawling out of the well.

The guide took a real interest in singling me out for torture from our group, so I was put in the middle of many scenes. Another that I got to play the lead in was a tea party. The room was a scary little girl's room and she was having a tea party with her pet zombie. She was such a typical sweet girl all excited for visitors and the zombie was all chained up trying to steal my cup of tea. I think this room had the best effects off all because it was so simple.

After that it was on to the hotel to check in and get a little beer and food. We were running late so our time was cut from an hour and a half to a half hour. So, after power drinking a beer and taking a few more for the road, it was back on the bus.

Next stop, Demon House. This place was beautiful inside and out. We received an abbreviated tour since it was off season and there weren't as many actors. Didn't matter. What we got to see was so good.

It started off with a cue around a fire pit where everyone was just joking around. Then, when your group was called, you got a little background info on the place. (Turns out paranormal investigators have been there and they have caught a lot of strange things on film and recorders.) The tour itself kicks off out doors and a bit of a maze. Then, you make it to the front door and get greeted by a Svengoolie looking host. The actors were few and far between, but very good when they were there. The real star of this haunt was the house. The decoration and detail were insanely good. I think some of my group got some pictures, when I steal them from them, I'll post them.

Our last stop of the night was Hundred Acre Manor were we had dinner and a tour and a lights on tour. I was too tired for lights on, as were most everyone since we were running about two hours late and it was well after midnight by the point. My strongest memory of this haunt was the screaming. And the screaming. And the screaming. Not screams from the visitors, but the actors just screaming in your ear at every turn. It was a little too distracting. OK, a lot distracting. In fact, right now, I don't have a clear recollection of anything else from the haunt. I'll have to pow wow with my fellow haunters and report back to you all about the strong points of this haunt.


Ethan said...

Just had a really quick question for you/ Did you by chance post your review to Google under the name "Fright Kids"? Thank you for your review and as always have a great Halloween season!

Skulls said...

That was not me on Google. I hope it was a nice review.

Can't wait for next year's convention!