Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chicago Must Love Chris

We have had the best weather we've had all year. I think it's because Chris is here.

We haven't don't much in the way of hauntie stuff yet, but, we did go to the Pirate's exhibit at the Field Museum. It was pretty wicked awesome. All kinds of Pirate items salvaged from a pirate ship just off Cape Cod. And, at the end, a fun gift shop with tons of Pirate themed stuff. I could have gone crazy there but managed to reel myself in and buy only two items, both for others. Debbie good girl.

Today, however, we are hitting a couple cemetaries. With the weather an amazing sunny and high of 82 (perfection again!), it should be a perfect day for being outside. I've already posted tons of pictures from one of them, Graceland. This will be my first time at Wunder's, so I'm really looking forward to getting some photos there and posting them here.

Talk at you all later.

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