Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ah. . . New England

We went to hook up with Peter, Shari, Steve and Pat last night.

First stop was Peter and Shari's. The house is so full of fun and rare halloween stuff that I never wanted to leave. Peter has done up his basement like a Victorian parlor and has display cases for all his collectibles. There's an awesome bar where he serves only Halloween themed drinks. All of which can be ordered off his personalized menu. I could easily spend a day or two there. Here's a few pictures, Pam will be sending me more.

Then, it was off to the Haunted Graveyard. Honestly, it's one of the best haunts I've seen in a long time. Going to all types of Halloween events through out the year, you see plenty of haunts. Some tend to be the same thing over and over again. This one definately was not.

For the most part, it was open air, which I love. It was part catacomb, part graveyard, part vampire castle, part South American Jungle, part back woods table saw, part coven, part egyptian tomb, part Victorian mansion, and many other parts.

Some of my favorite effects were the tub and sink overflowing with bloody water, the rain and lightening outside the Victorian mansion that gave you only fleeting glimpses of the cloaked figure in the garden, the over sized, UV lit live skeleton and their little girl Pepper Ghost was way creepy. Here's a link if you're in the neighborhood and want to check it out.

After that, we stopped at Steve's for a bit. And, wouldn't you know it, he ALSO has an amazingly decked out den in his basement (what have I been doing with my time?). You enter his through a Vampire grave. There's windows and lightening and tallking skull sconces, oh my! And, of course, a bar, which I always love.

You might think this hurts. . .

Either it doesn't or it hurts in a good way. . .

Pam and Jim just got back from their walk to raise funds to fight cancer. Once we have breakfast, it's off to, who know, maybe Sleepy Hollow again? Maybe another quaint little town around here? Wherever we go today, we're ending up at Headless Horseman tonight. Can't wait!!!

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Garage-of-Evil said...

Damnit! I want to do my house up like that now. Sorry about your knee.