Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life has totally been kicking my ass lately

Which has resulted in me traveling no where since January. Oh, the horror. I've had to make a hasty move to new digs, which means redecorating. I'm thinking this is a great opportunity to display some of the pictures of taken during my haunt travels.

In the old place I had goth crosses in the bathroom. I've decided in the place I'll switch it up to pictures from cemeteries I've visited. Here's a few of the pictures I'm considering.


The Frog Queen said...

Love those pictures. The last one especially!!


Skulls said...

The last one has a scary story attached to it.

There's a full face under the hood that you can see all the detail of when you're standing in front of it. Very few people have been able to capture that face on film. Those that have have died very quickly after taking the picture.


Midnyte said...

I vote for the last three.

Midnyte said...

I vote for the last 3 pictures.

Skulls said...

Thos re my favorites too. In packing my desk today, I ran across several dozen photos from the Garden District cemetery in New Orleans. Those might need to be put up here, and in my new place, as well.