Monday, December 8, 2008

It's too quiet out there. . .

This whole post-Halloween slide into Winter Holidays thing makes for an entirely too quiet Haunters community. Just a month and a half ago we were all working hot and heavy on our Halloween props and going to haunts. There were all kinds of pictures being passed around of our toys and props and decorations and costumes.

Now. . . silence. . . Oh, how I long for the sights and sounds of October. There is no patch or gum or anything to help me through this withdrawal. So, I shall create my own.

I will go on a cemetary tour this weekend. Then, the Boys of Mystery Man in Omaha will be here on the 29th. We'll hit a ghost tour. Then, Boston in mid-January with the East Coast Haunt Club crowd for ghost hunting and pub crawling.

I can make it through . . . I just know I can.

What are the rest of you doing to keep Halloween alive during these "other" holidays?

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