Friday, August 1, 2008

Mild Debauchary

After a morning of hanging around Chris' so he could finish up some work, we packed the car and headed out to meet Jim at his house outside of Boston. And, I finally got to meet his Mom, who'm I've heard wonderful things about. The rumors were true, she's a doll. Not an actual creepy doll with the eyes that close when you lay it down, but a sweet, sweet lady. I also got to meet his new niece, Molly, and both his dogs. If I had room for any of them in my luggage, they'd be with me now.

Then, it was off to Boston for the abbreviated tour. Which, for us, meant looking at landmarks from afar, and pubs from the inside. Here's a quick pictorial of it. . .

First stop, Beantown Pub for drinks and food. Pigs in a blanket rocked our world.

Next to the Historic Omni Parker House where we had a little menage Boston Cream Pie at the Parker Resturant.

Side note, Debbie had on no make-up so this is the only time her agent would allow her on film.

Then it was to Patty O's where we started our mini pub crawl with gusto! Side note, #2, Jim was one of the crew that sailed the Mayflower last year on it's anniversary out of Plymouth. Thus the awesome tattoo. The boyish goodlooks just come naturally.

Then we went to Taps where we started up a trend of hanging with others from out of town. This is Vicki and her husband (name, unknown) from Connecticut. The were chatting it up with Chris bigtime. A guy from Florida was sitting next to me and we kibbitz about nothing for about an hour. They have these black and blues here that are Guinness (of course) and blueberry ale. I think I found my new favorite drink.

Our final drink stop (no matter how much Jim begged for more) was Purple Shamrock. No idea what my first dark beer was because Jim ordered it for me, but, it was good. Then, a woman representing a hard cider (can't remember the name of that either) set us up with a glass each and scratch off tickets. Here's what we won . .

A cap, iTunes card and, look, a Chris!!!! Well, hey the name of the cider is on the bottle and glass. I'm gonna say it's Magner's.

After this, we headed back to Jim's to get Chris' car and left for Salem. We're here now and the rest of the crew should be getting in shortly. I'm getting a little excited!!!

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