Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sadly, it is over. . .

We are all back at to our "other" life now and only have the fond memories of HauntCon to sustain us through to the next event. As far as the girls are all concerned, it looks like that next event just might be Fangoria.

I really and truly intend to get some more highlights from HauntCon posted and some fun pictures. For now, here are some of my favorite memories. . .
  1. I got an unsolicited hug from a celebrity, Patrika Darbo, who was very, very sweet
  2. I soldered for the first time and walked away with no burn marks
  3. A cute young guy totally avoided the half naked 20 something girls and made a bee line for Patti and I who were fully clothed and a couple years over 20
  4. Pam laughing so hard at Patti's antics in the bar that she was crying
  5. Cap'n Bennys! We went back for another meal on Sunday

Memories that weren't my favorites. . .

  1. The hotel. Let me say it again. . .THE HOTEL
  2. The delayed flight home. Man, Monday was rough
  3. Funeral Car Rally. Really? Three cars make a rally?
  4. The restaurants closing down at 9 and 10 at night
  5. Saying bye-bye too all my halloween buddies, that's my least favorite memory of all

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